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We recently had the drawing for the $10,000.00 Home Improvement Giveaway for 2009.

The winners were Kevin & Jill Schildhauer of Mountain Home, Idaho. Kevin has been in the US Airforce for 17 years serving our country and Jill is going to school. They have two children - a new baby and a 4 year old. When they were told that they won won they were in complete disbelief! It took quite a bit persuasion to finally convince them that it was really true. When they signed up for the drawing at the Boise Home Show they never thought that their name would be drawn! The $10,000.00 came as a godsend for their family and Rainbow is happy that such a wonderful couple could benefit from this giveaway!

Congratulations to Kevin & Jill Schildhauer!



RGD - Bonnie Yee presents the $10,000.00 to Kevin & Jill Schildhauer!