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Bill & Mary Finch won the October 2008 Kings Crown Award! This is the most coveted award that an RGD can win in their career! Congratulations for everyone in the Golden Gate Division for their great efforts in October!




Roland & Francia Mungues were 1st Runner-up for Crown Prince for October. They are tied for 1st place for Crown Prince of the year!




The Golden Eagle Region was the Number One Region for October! That's two months in a row! Thank you for all your extra effort in last month to help the Region receive the recognition it deserves!

You are the champions!



Janae Young was not only the Regional Sales Champ for October - but she was also the WORLD WIDE SALES CHAMP with 36 Sales! That's two WORLD WIDE SALES CHAMP wins in a row for the SLC office. We have never seen two different WORLD WIDE SALES CHAMPS come from the same office in two consecutive months in the history of the company! Leanna DeHerrera in September and Janae Young in October!


Last Updated: January 17, 2009