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On January 8th, 2009 Brooklyn Norton of Salt Lake City, Utah got a call from Rick VanWagner up at the Research Center at the University of Utah. He wanted to know what it would take to see a presentation of the Rainbow. She proceeded to qualify the appointment, letting him know we have to show both him and his wife, but Rick explained that it was actually for research for a Clean Room up at the University. He wanted someone to come up and present the Rainbow to about 5 colleagues and see if this would help keep the Clean Room free from particles in the air.


Brooklyn was a little intimidated presenting to such an intellectual group in a prestigious research center! The researchers were all highly impressed with the Rainbow and how well it worked. They gave her a tour of the facility and showed her the Clean Room they used. For their research they develop electronic Brain implants. These devices are surgically implanted in the brain and are for people with epilepsy, seizures, the blind, and many other brain related problems. They showed her the implant and explained that it is actually connected to the brain and shoots out power to certain nerves to help cure or control various diseases.


By definition – a CLEAN ROOM  is a room that is maintained virtually free of contaminants, such as dust or bacteria, used in laboratory work and in the production of precision parts for electronic or aerospace equipment. Clean Rooms are 10,000 times cleaner than a hospital operating room.


This room was being kept clean through a sophisticated ventilation system and with a mop. They’ve found that it was not an effective way to clean so they were in search for something better.


The Rainbow was their answer! After the demonstration they wanted to know if they could keep the Rainbow a few days to test it and make sure that it would be the proper fit. They are extremely strict and careful of what enters the room, so they just needed to make sure that the Rainbow would pass. Well it passed with flying colors! Now the Rainbow has found a new home to help with the research and development of Brain implants.

It's nice to know that the Rainbow could help in this important research!